College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota
College of Science and Engineering

CSE Budget and Finance Office


David Pappone—Finance Director

Cathy Burke—CSE Lead Accountant

Rachel Veenstra—Special Projects Accountant and Chair of CSE CA Committee

Financial Cluster

Jay Delaney—Cluster Director and Collegiate Certified Approver—Accounts payable questions and requests—Accounts receivable and billing questions and requests


Manage the purchase order process for their departments, process journal entries and assist with complex purchasing-related activities.

  • Mary Haverkost—Supports AEM, CharFac, Chem, CS&E, ECE, HST, MathCEP, Mech and UNITE
  • Shaun Kershner—Supports BME, DTC, CEMS, IPRIME, MRSEC, Civil, SAFL, ESci, MGS, MN Nano, Math, IMA, Physics, TPI, MIfA, Dean's Office, CBI, CSESS and TLI

Voucher and Billing Specialists

Manage the voucher and billing processes, including entering and changing vouchers and bills and following up on errors.

  • Chandra Killebrew—Primary Voucher Specialist, backup for Billing Specialist
  • Thu Tran—Primary billing Specialist, backup for Voucher Specialist

Payroll & Accounting Support Team

Enter payroll appointments and positions, serve as backup to departments, and prepare EFS documents for select units.

  • Beth Kluge, Manager
  • Jen Berg—Supports CCEFP, CS&E, AEM, Physics, MIfA, ECE, UNITE, MDC, Shops, and CharFac for payroll; supports the Dean's Office for EFS documents and purchasing.
  • Martin Carlsen—Supports CEMS, MRSEC, IPRIME, Civil, MGS, IMA, Math/MathCEP, MN Nano, HST, SAFL, and TLI for payroll; supports the Dean's Office for EFS documents; supports primary voucher specialist.
  • Nancy Cook—Supports CSE Student Services for payroll and EFS documents.
  • Sue McColley—Supports the Dean's Office, Public Labs, UNITE, CharFac, MDC, Shops, and SAFL for EFS documents and purchasing.
  • Katie Sauer—Supports the Dean's Office, CBI, Chem, ESci, Mech, ISyE, BME, and DTC for payroll; supports the Dean's Office for EFS documents; supports primary voucher specialist.

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Contact Us

David Pappone
Finance Director (RRC Manager)

Jen Berg
Executive Accounts Specialist

Cathy Burke
Lead Accountant

Martin Carlsen
Executive Accounts Specialist

Nancy Cook
Executive Accounts Specialist

Jay Delaney
Financial Team Supervisor

Mary Haverkost
Procurement Specialist/ Accountant II

Shaun Kershner
Procurement Specialist/ Accountant II

Chandra Killebrew
Voucher Specialist

Beth Kluge
Payroll and Accounting Support Team Manager

Sue McColley
Executive Accounts Specialist

Katie Sauer
Executive Accounts Specialist

Rachel Veenstra
Accountant II

Thu Tran
Voucher Specialist