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Family looks to future after fugitive brother's return to US

Auburn Citizen

FILE - In a Thursday Dec. 18, 2014 file photo, former family practice doctor Genevieve Kelley, center, looks back at her lawyers during a hearing in Coos County Superior Court in Lancaster, N.H. Kelley is charged with fleeing the country with her young ...

Did Baltimore Cops' Indifference Kill Freddie Gray?

Daily Beast

The great majority of cops take the oath because they want to help people. But a corrosive cynicism can poison their initial sense of purpose. No chokehold seems to have been used in arresting 25-year-old Freddie Gray in Baltimore, as there was in arresting ...

Drone killings reopen debate on US hostage policy


It wasn't until three months after a U.S. drone blasted a suspected al-Qaida compound in Pakistan that America's spies figured out that an aid worker from Rockville had been killed, the White House said this week. The deaths of Warren Weinstein, who was ...

White House Candidates Head for Vegas to meet Donors

The Market Business

Ted Cruz and Rick Perry, two candidates for President of the United States are heading for Las Vegas to gain the support of Jewish donors for the sake of ease their way to the Presidential election. Cruz and Perry will try to explain their loyalty to the political ...

Indiana school stage collapse: Are school stages inspected?

Christian Science Monitor

Sixteen students suffered minor injuries Thursday night when the stage collapsed during a performance at the Westfield High School, 20 miles north of Indianapolis. By Rick Callahan, Associated Press April 25, 2015. About video ads. Indianapolis — The ...

Clinton Foundation stories: why Hillary campaign can't dismiss them (+video)

Christian Science Monitor

Here's a problem for Clinton 2016: Republicans aren't the only ones troubled by the specifics of these charges. By Peter Grier, Staff writer April 24, 2015. About video ads. Questions Surround Donations Made To The Clinton Foundation. CBS2's Dick Brennan ...

Sheriff fires 6 jailers, disciplines dozens others over treatment of mentally ill inmate

National Monitor

They are accused of allowing the inmate to live in squalid conditions surrounded by containers filled with bugs and a toilet clogged with feces. The sheriff of a Texas jail has fired six jailers over the treatment of a mentally ill inmate, who was found living in ...

Tulsa volunteer deputy, who shot a man, had history of performance complaints

Christian Science Monitor

Several in the Oklahoma sheriff's department raised serious concerns about the performance of Robert Bates. Bates says he mistakenly used his pistol, thinking it was a stun gun, when he fatally shot Eric Harris.

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