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7/28 - CNN: Florida - Plane Hits & Kills Man on Beach


She had what seem to be friends even if they don't know whether they're confident are. A mother distraught after a husband and her nine year old daughter are hit by a small play while walking along the beach in Venice Florida. That that looks very bad ...

Paul Ryan's anti-poverty plan is another sign of life in the GOP

The Week Magazine

Paul Ryan is a lawmaker that people love to hate. He's got that midwestern good-boy affect. He's into P90x and has a body that power squatters loathe. He reportedly had his interns read books by the cartoonish hater of altruism and "moochers," Ayn Rand.

Bratton: No Surprise if US Investigates Chokehold Case

Wall Street Journal

New York Police Commissioner William Bratton said he wouldn't be surprised if the U.S. attorney's office opened an investigation into the death of Staten Island man Eric Garner after he was put in an apparent chokehold. Speaking on a Sunday radio program, ...

New cellphone videos of 'Zombie Walk' hit-and-run surface


Witnesses say the driver had plenty of room to back up and turn around, but instead, he hit the gas. KGTV. The San Diego Police Department's accident investigators are poring through several clips of cellphone video as they try to determine who is at fault for ...

NH man charged with kidnapping teen


A 34-year-old New Hampshire man was charged Monday with kidnapping a teenage girl who returned home a week ago after vanishing while walking home from school nine months ago. Nathaniel Kibby was arrested at his home in Gorham based on ...

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