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Woman--I Mean "Kidnappers"--Pissed Cops Accused Her of Gone Girl Scheme


Vallejo, Ca., police had ruled the kidnapping and ransoming of 29-year-old Denise Huskins last week an "orchestrated event" by the woman and her boyfriend in a supposed Gone Girl-style fakeout. But now people claiming to be her captors have emailed ...

'Thanks Ellen' ad runs in Palo Alto newspaper


SAN FRANCISCO — In an example of the strong feelings around the Ellen Pao case, a group of tech workers in Silicon Valley took out a full-page ad in the Palo Alto Daily Post Tuesday that read simply, "Thanks Ellen." Pao lost her $16 million sexual ...

Kitchen tips: Easter egg decorating ideas (and recipes)

Los Angeles Times

Looking for creative ways to decorate your Easter eggs? A few years back we ran a story on dyeing (and creatively un-dyeing) Easter eggs, taking inspiration from herbs growing in spring gardens and with a little help from vinegar or bleach. Continue reading ...

Cops: Woman Stabbed Beau Over Salsa Dispute


(NEWSER) – Before hogging the snacks, consider this: Phyllis Jefferson of Ohio is accused of stabbing her boyfriend—first with a pen, then with a knife—because he was "eating all of the salsa" the two were sharing, according to a police report, per NBC ...

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