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Texas mayors seek millions for military base improvements

MyFox Austin

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Mayors of Texas communities that are home to military bases are seeking $150 million from state lawmakers in order to enhance the bases and make them less likely to be closed. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports ...

White House sends three to Freddie Gray funeral


WASHINGTON, DC (NBC) - The White House is sending three people to Baltimore Monday, for the funeral of Freddie Gray. He's the man who died with a broken spine after police dragged him into a van, sparking a week of protests across the city. One of the ...

Sisters survive two weeks lost in Michigan woods by eating Girl Scout cookies ...


Two sisters from Oklahoma and Nebraska said Saturday that they survived in a remote part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula on love for their family, melted snow and the little food they had in their snow-crippled SUV. WLUC. Leslie Roy and Lee Marie Wright.

Obama turns 2016 hopefuls into comic fodder for media dinner

7Online WSVN-TV

WASHINGTON (AP) - A presidential election just getting into gear provided President Barack Obama plenty of new material to work with on the night he describes as Washington celebrating itself. "It's amazing how time flies," Obama told those attending the ...

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