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DINO-SLAYER asteroid strike was a stroke of bad luck, say boffins


A giant asteroid smashed into Earth millions of years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs, or so the theory goes. But the demise of these scaly – or indeed, even feathery – overlords may not have happened if the space rock hit a few million years later or earlier, ...

Defending Facebook, OkCupid says it also runs user-behavior tests


Facebook earlier this summer sparked criticism over a study in which it manipulated the feeds of some of its users, but the dating site OkCupid says what Facebook did is normal, and that in fact it has run its own user-behavior tests. In 2012, Facebook altered ...

Hortonworks, Pivotal team to better manage Hadoop


In the hot market for big-data products and services, sometimes even competitors must work together for the common good. Prominent Hadoop software and service companies Hortonworks and Pivotal have partnered to further develop software called Ambari ...

Researchers hard at work to make the workhorse lithium ion battery better


As startups bring entirely brand new types of batteries to market, many researchers are still laser focused on the dominant form of batteries in our cell phones, laptops and early electric cars like Tesla's Model S: lithium ion batteries. While Tesla hopes to use ...

Chicago bike-design team unveils its 'Blackline' for national contest

Chicago Tribune

Introducing the “Blackline” — a steel-tubed sophisticated monster of a bicycle with basket racks, bubble tires, a weather-proof drive belt in place of a chain and smart handlebars that signal upcoming turns. The bike is Chicago's entry in The Oregon Manifest ...

China Probes Microsoft, Shows Up at Offices Unannounced

PC Magazine

Chinese officials recently showed up unannounced at four Microsoft offices in China, reportedly to investigate antitrust accusations. According to the South China Morning Post, State Administration for Industry and Commerce officials arrived in Beijing, ...

Samsung promises that Tizen, while plagued by setbacks, will still deliver

Christian Science Monitor

Samsung's bid to provide its own mobile operating system in addition to Android has faced numerous roadblocks in its years of development as the Korean electronics giant tries to compete with OS giants such as Google and Apple.

Yosemite's traffic share triples after public beta debuts


Computerworld - Even though some users were unable to download Apple's OS X Yosemite public beta last week, the preview's debut resulted in a tripling of the upgrade's share of online traffic, an ad network said today. According to Chitika, Yosemite's ...

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