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Feds shut down “tech support” scammers in New York


Jennifer Abel has worked as a reporter and editor for local newspapers in Connecticut. She contributes to online publications including Playboy, the Guardian, Anorak, Daily Dot, Salon and Mashable. Read Full Bio→ · Email Jennifer Abel Phone: 866-773- ...

INSIDE ENERGY: The Campaign Trail: Climate Change Science In The Classroom

Wyoming Public Media

Natalia Macker, candidate for Wyoming's State House, door-knocks with her family near their home in Hoback Junction. Credit Leigh Paterson. Listen. Listening... /. Climate change is a controversial topic in this election cycle, especially when it comes to ...

Kate Greene: Why the first Mars mission should be manned by women

Dallas Morning News

In February of 1960, Look magazine ran a cover story that asked, “Should a Girl Be First in Space?” It was a sensational headline representing an audacious idea at the time. And as we all know, the proposal fell short. In 1961, NASA sent Alan Shepard above ...

Ram Outdoorsman ready for deep-woods off-roading

Fox News

Ram is bringing the great outdoors to the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas next month. The Ram 2500 Outdoorsman is a Power Wagon pickup concept that's visited Mopar's quartermaster for some deep-woods gear.

Elon Musk warns artificial intelligence is “summoning the demon”


Elon Musk is all about keeping the human race alive, even if that means abandoning Earth at some point. He went into details about this not long ago when discussing Mars colonies and things of an existential nature. Any number of technologies could prove ...

Ubuntu Turns 10 With Version 14.10

PC Magazine

The latest desktop version focuses on the developer experience, boosts overall quality, and provides a number of important features and security enhancements. Most notably, this week's release introduces the first iteration of the Ubuntu Developer Tools ...

Organic molecules in Titan's atmosphere dispelled

Beta Wired

img_23071 While studying the atmosphere of Titan, one of Saturn's satellites, a team of scientists discovered curious unexpectedly areas concentrated organic molecules away from their north and south poles. This lack of homogeneity puts into question the ...

NASA Opens SoundCloud Account, Uploads Free Iconic Sound Clips


NASA has confirmed that it is making a library of iconic sounds available on the audio-clip sharing service SoundCloud, which has recently integrated with Twitter. The space agency has uploaded almost 60 clips on its new SoundCloud account, including “the ...

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