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Tiny Fly May Hold Key to New Generation of Hearing Aids

Voice of America

Ormia ochracea, a tiny yellow parasitic fly native to Central America and the southern United States, has an unusual habit. It deposits larvae onto the backs of crickets, which burrow into the insects and consume them from the inside out. The fly locates its host ...

Final Fantasy XIV Players Put On Virtual Gay Pride Parade


Well, this is fabulous. Now that gay relationships are officially sanctioned in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, players have gathered together to put on their own pride parade inside the virtual world of Eorzea.

A Worrisome Ruling

Wall Street Journal

On Friday a federal judge in New York granted a warrant allowing prosecutors and police access to a suspect's entire Gmail account as part of a money-laundering investigation. There were no parameters—such as keywords or searching for emails pertaining ...

Nearly 2 years after Sandy, debris tossed into Northeast marshland targeted in ...

The Republic

HARTFORD, Connecticut — Nearly two years after Superstorm Sandy pounded the Northeast, communities in Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island are preparing to track down and remove debris from marshland. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric ...

Sony's Resurrected Walkman Making Waves

PC Magazine

The company that popularized the portable music player 35 years ago is back in the game with the pricey NWZ-ZX1. 0shares. Sony NWZ-ZX1. The company that popularized the portable music player nearly four decades ago is back in the game with a new ...

New Yorker Opens Archives With Site Redesign

PC Magazine

The unlocking of new and archived content to all visitors to is part of The New Yorker's redesign and overhaul of its website. The weekly magazine is famous for publishing new fiction and essays, often ground-breaking investigative journalism, ...

Wingfoot One Selected as Winning Name for New Goodyear Blimp


AKRON, Ohio, July 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Wingfoot One has been selected as the name for The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company's (NASDAQ: GT) newest airship, the company announced today.

In Print: Last Week's Microarray Papers of Note


In this archived webinar, recorded Feb. 19, 2014, two speakers outline applications of Rubicon Genomics' PicoPLEX DNA-seq single cell library preparation kit. Jeramiah Smith, assistant professor of biology at the University of Kentucky, discusses the use of ...

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