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Beginning of star wars, Tatooine planets may become common, says Researchers

The Market Business

According to researchers, only gas planets were assumed to hold two stars however lately it has been found that many planets like earth can have two stars. But astrophysicists now believe that Earth-like, solid planets with two Suns are not only likely to exist ...

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft sends new images of Saturn's Moons

Uncover California

NASA's Cassini spacecraft, which is now in its eleventh year in orbit around Saturn, has delivered photos of the planet's moons. There are 53 known moons of Saturn and nine more awaiting confirmation. In 1997, the Cassini-Huygens mission was launched.

GMC Posts Best First Quarter Sales in a Decade

The News Wheel

GMC's US sales in March were only up slightly over 2014, but they were strong enough to deliver the brand its best March pickup sales in nine years and the brand's best first quarter sales in a decade.

Historic 1968 Tech Demo Now an Opera

PC Magazine

On Dec. 9, 1968, Doug Engelbart captivated audiences at a San Francisco computer conference in what is affectionately known as "The Mother of All Demos." During his 90-minute presentation (video below), Engelbart introduced technologies like word ...

T-Mobile's new coverage map shows real coverage in (almost) real time


No matter where you go in this world, you'll undoubtedly be curious about your coverage. Visit the carrier website, and buried deep in the sitemap lies a coverage map. An often out-of-date map that probably stretches the truth a bit about their coverage.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection review | TrustedReviews


No self-respecting gamer could ever resist the prospect of buying two games for the price of one, and that holds especially true when those games happen to be the most recent iterations of the much-loved first-person shooter-cum-RPG Borderlands.

New Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Trailer Thickens the Plot

Hardcore Gamer

In today's Nintendo Direct a new trailer for the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 3D was debuted, and it's easily the most epic showing the game has seen yet. Focusing on the mystery of the game's iconic blade, the Monado, Shulk and friends are shown ...

Jared Hunt: Business leaders vocal over Indiana law

Charleston Daily Mail

Indiana's recently approved “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” has sparked an intense social debate about religion, gay rights and discrimination. But the bill has also triggered an unprecedented response from the nation's business leaders — one which ...

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