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GM promises big performance improvements for Volt

The Globe and Mail

Chevrolet's Volt plug-in hybrid was born in crisis, coming to market not long after General Motors' June 2009 bankruptcy. You'd expect the company would have learned a few lessons along the way. And it has, says CEO Mary Barra. You'll see proof in ...

Science experiments of students explode with Antares rocket

Tech Times

The Antares rocket successfully cleared its missions in the past but things didn't quite go as planned Tuesday when it exploded just six seconds after taking off. (Photo : NASA). When the Antares rocket failed to make it to space, exploding just mere moments ...

Why Baltimore is hesitant to open a 100-year-old time capsule


The 100-year old time capsule discovered at Baltimore's Washington Monument during a restoration project is so old that officials are hesitant to even open it. Loading… Post to Facebook. Why Baltimore is hesitant to open a 100-year-old time capsule The ...

New method to bring Supersonic laser-propelled aircraft one step closer

Zee News

Moscow: Aircrafts that are propelled by beams of light rather than conventional fuels is what the scientist and science fiction writers have always dreamt of. Scientists say that for improving the thrust generated by laser-propulsion systems, new method may ...

Bungie officially reveals Destiny's first expansion, The Dark Below

Vancouver Sun

Today Activision and Bungie announced the official release date and price for Destiny's first expansion, The Dark Below, set to launch on Dec. 9 for $20. While the existence of the game's first DLC pack has been known for a while now, this is the first time it's ...

LG Officially Ends Plasma Production

Home Theater Review

LG-plasma.jpg We knew it was coming. LG has officially announced that it will shut down its plasma production factory by the end of November. Samsung and Panasonic already pulled the plug on their plasma production, leaving LG as the last major TV ...

IBM drills into the energy industry for cognitive computing advances


Finding new sources of oil underground is an expensive and risky undertaking. Now IBM is working with energy company Repsol to look for ways in which new cognitive computing techniques could help reduce the uncertainty and improve production.

Ambulance Drone a Life Saver for Heart Attack Victims


A Dutch student recently revealed a prototype ambulance drone able to reach heart attack victims and defibrillate them within precious life-saving minutes. The drone is known as a flying defibrillator. Alec Momont came up with this new piece of technology.

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