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Idaho tops the list for Rude Drivers in US

iStreet Research

1 According to a latest survey called 2000 Drivers Nationwide, Idaho has the most number of rude drivers. The poll suggests that the drivers from Idaho honk impatiently, give rude and bad gestures and also run their engines. Advertisements. Well, relatively ...

Drag Queens Dress Down Facebook Over Names

ABC News

San Francisco drag queens are sparring with Facebook over its policy requiring people to use their real names, rather than drag names such as Pollo Del Mar and Heklina. But the world's biggest social network is not budging from its rules. In recent weeks ...

Guidelines to aid privacy appeals

Independent Online

iol scitech april 15 google AP Google says it has received over 120 000 requests from across Europe to remove from its search results everything from serious criminal records, embarrassing photos and negative press stories. Brussels - European regulators ...

Airbus patents in-flight virtual reality helmet

Sydney Morning Herald

Noisy children, bad movies and crushing boredom: long-haul flights are the unwelcome prologue for any Australian heading overseas. But now Airbus is considering a technology that could make 14 hours in a flying box somewhat more bearable: an in-flight ...

Water-based Battery Capable of Lasting 100 Years Can Power Spacecraft


Researchers from the University of Missouri have developed a longer lasting and more efficient water-based battery. For years, batteries have been used for a wide variety of electronics and electronic gadgets. Current batteries convert stored chemical energy, ...

Law on giving cyclists 3 feet of space raises questions

Los Angeles Register

AAA says drivers should slow down when cyclists are nearby. COURTESY OF THE AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. All California motorists will soon be affected by a new law designed to protect bicyclists. AB1371, better known as the ...

New Apple devices include default kill switch

The Star Online

GAME CHANGER: New Apple Inc phones include a theft deterrent system that enables users to lock their devices and wipe them clean of data if stolen, a victory for regulators who have long pushed the telecommunications industry to do more to stem theft.

Lava on Hawaii continues moving through vacant lot

Daily Mail

Lava from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano continues to move slowly through a vacant lot in a rural subdivision. Hawaii County spokesman Kevin Dayton says it looks like the lava will bypass homes in the Kaohe Homesteads subdivision. He says that as of Tuesday, ...

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