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Tap a tattoo to unlock this smartphone

Business Standard

Do you know that an average person takes 2.3 seconds to unlock smartphone and this happens usually 39 times a day? What if a tattoo can unlock your smartphone and save you from the exhausting process again and again? With Motorola X smartphones, ...

Buzz Aldrin: Why we need to colonize Mars (VIDEO)

SFGate (blog)

My Sunday column is from an interview with Buzz Aldrin, the Apollo 11 astronaut who was the second man to walk on the moon, after, of course, Neil Armstrong. Aldrin was in Alameda for the Saturday, July 26, festivities on the USS Hornet to commemorate ...

New Evidence Suggests That Tyrannosaurs Traveled Together In Packs


Three sets of tyrannosaur tracks discovered in northeastern British Columbia reveal the bipedal carnivores likely traveled in packs, according to new research published in Wednesday's edition of the journal PLOS ONE. According to Emily Chung of CBC ...

Nvidia Shield Tablet Coming In July, Priced At $299

The Fuse Joplin

Nvidia Shield, a familiar name that was christened for the portable gaming device that Nvidia designed, is now being used to promote their upcoming tablet, a bigger version of the handheld console that comes with a dedicated wireless controller.

Lenovo K920 Vibe Z2 Pro Specifications Confirmed Ahead of August 5 Launch


Lenovo had unveiled its latest flagship, the K920, at the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai, last month. The company has now announced August 5 launch date, along with the full specifications of the device, which will be sold as the Vibe Z2 Pro. Lenovo's Chief ...

NASA Prepares Mars Orbiters As Comet Siding Spring Heads Toward Red Plant ...

International Business Times

These images show -- before and after filtering -- comet C/2013 A1, aka Siding Spring, as captured by Wide Field Camera 3 on NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. NASA, ESA and J.-Y. Li (Planetary Science Institute). NASA is preparing its Mars orbiters to stay ...

Soon, spinach to power your car


New York: The next time you buy spinach to give you strength, think about your car. Representational Pic. Yes, spinach holds the promise of a different power for scientists - the ability to convert sunlight into a clean, efficient and alternative fuel source.

Jimmy Kimmel proves Apple fanboyism is still alive and well with iTime prank

Jimmy Kimmel proves Apple fanboyism is still alive and well with iTime prank Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel decided to have some fun on Hollywood Boulevard with Apple fanboys and the non-techie crowd, showing off the alleged new Apple iTime ...

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