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Cassini sees sun shining off Titan's lake billions of miles from Earth

Tech Times

Kraken Mare, a giant hydrocarbon lake on Titan, is seen like never before in a new image from the Cassini orbiter. (Photo : NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona/University of Idaho). The Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn has seen light reflecting off Kraken ...

Apple Pay runs afoul of a rival

San Antonio Express-News

The Apple Pay logo is displayed in a mobile kiosk in San Francisco to demonstrate a new mobile payment system that faces competition from a coalition of major retailers working on building a system of their own, called CurrentC. By Mike Isaac, New York ...

Andy Rubin, Former Leader of Android Division, Leaves Google


Andy Rubin, the chief developer of Google's Android mobile operating system and most recently the head of the search giant's robotics and drone programs, is leaving the company. By Jim O'Reilly. Andy Rubin, who led the Android division of Google, and ...

China's Chang'e 5-T1 Probe Returns After Rounding Moon


BEIJING — China on Saturday successfully recovered an experimental spacecraft that flew around the moon and back in a test run for the country's first robotic round trip to the lunar surface. The Chang'e 5-T1 probe's eight-day trip marked the first time in ...

Verizon, AT&T Cut Mobile Prices while boosting data allotments


Verizon Communications and AT&ampT, firing back at Sprint's discount data supply, have introduced a different round of cost cuts on shared wireless plans as carriers continue to fight for new subscribers. Beginning Saturday, Verizon is cutting its $100 ...

iPad Air 2 vs Nexus 9


It's been a busy handful of weeks for tablet fans with Apple launching its new iPad Air 2 two weeks ago, and the HTC Google Nexus 9 going on sale before Christmas.Each tablets represent the pinnacle of their respective manufacturers' mobile technology,.

Google Updates Flu Trends to Improve Accuracy


Google Inc. (GOOGL:US) is updating the software model it uses to estimate the spread of the flu to improve its accuracy, so that public health officials can quickly respond to outbreaks. The company introduced Google Flu Trends in 2008 to help track the ...

DelDOT Bans Use of Guardrail Treatment Amid Safety Concerns


DOVER, Del. – The Delaware Department of Transportation banned the future use of a guardrail end treatment due to safety concerns. According to DelDOT, the product is called the ET-Plus guardrail head. They describe it as a rectangular metal cap that fits ...

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