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SpaceX's Dragon splashes down with critical research on human spaceflight


(CNN) -- SpaceX's Dragon spaceship splashed down Saturday in the Pacific Ocean, returning from a four-week resupply mission to the International Space Station and bringing back a valuable payload of potentially groundbreaking experiments. Dragon, an ...

Google Inbox for Gmail (for iPhone)

PC Magazine

Simplifies the Gmail inbox for casual email users. Smart features for travel confirmations. Easy to email three most frequently contacted people. Cons Not especially sophisticated looking. No calendar integrations. Can't add time and dates to Reminders.

'Cloud' gains Microsoft's quarterly profit

MicroCap Observer

Microsoft has announced quarterly profit on Thursday. Net profit has been raised to $5.2 billion from $4.5 billion in the current quarter compare to the last year's same period. The revenues got a boost from their Xbox consoles and Internet “cloud” services ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is simply light years ahead of Apple's iPhone

Daily Mail

Last week, the company took the best of the bunch, iPad mini, and shot it through the foot with an update where they added a fingerprint sensor and little else, and whacked £100 on the price tag for the mini 3. Even so, I'd still buy iPad mini over any rival ...

CVS, Rite Aid Kill Unofficial Apple Pay Support, Burn Google Wallet Users in the ...


Apple Pay isn't welcomed at CVS or Rite Aid, and apparantly neither is Google Wallet... (Source: NBC News). CVS, Rite Aid instruct stores to disable NFC capabilities at the register. It looks as though CVS and Rite Aid are throwing a big 'ol handful of pocket ...

Nest acquires Revolv to create an all inclusive smart home platform

Capital OTC

The smart home platforms have two components – Individual devices and a Platform which can run the devices to make our home smarter. Nest with its popular thermostat and smoke detector comes in the first category and with news trickling that it is ...

Twitpic links, photo archive will 'stay alive' due to deal with Twitter


The popular service for sharing photos on Twitter is set to close today, but its founder says the Twitpic domain and photo archive have been "given" to Twitter, so photos and links will be around awhile. by CNET News staff; 25 October 2014 9:13 pm BST.

Astronauts test living on Mars without leaving Earth

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Testing tools: NASA is simulating life on Mars in hopes of sending people there by 2030. Photo: ROSS LOCKWOOD,. Camera Star Tribune photo galleries. Camera view larger. 0 · comments; decrease font size resize text increase font size; print · buy reprints.

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