10 things we wish we would have known as CSE freshmen


Freshman year is the start of your college career and the beginning of your life as an adult. We are now juniors in the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering. So we have made this short and sweet for you and have a list of 10 things that we wish we knew as a freshmen in CSE. You may not think much of this now, but you will thank us later!


2015 Regents Professor


Among three faculty members named Regents Professors—the highest faculty rank—in June 2015, Lawrence Edwards qualifies as the only genuine rock star.

Research, Physics and Astronomy

Weirdos of the Universe


Like a secret hiding right under our noses, neutrinos fly through our bodies by the billions every second, carrying with them—physicists hope—clues to the biggest riddle of all: Why are we here?



What’s in your backpack?


“My laptop computer,” says Max Shinn, ’15. Both his backpack and laptop are soon to become world travelers, as they head with him to Cambridge University in England this fall. As one of 14 U.S. recipients of the prestigious Churchill Scholarship, Shinn will work toward a master’s degree in medical science in the university’s psychiatry department.

People-Profiles, People-Profiles, Physics and Astronomy

Super science


How much energy would the Flash need to run as fast as he does? What would Wonder Woman’s bracelets need to be made of to deflect bullets? How did Krypton’s gravity help make Superman’s earthly powers possible?

K12 Outreach

CSP/4-H collaboration helps with K-8 curriculm development


The Center for Sustainable Polymers (CSP) is collaborating with 4-H to develop physical science curriculum for young people in Minnesota, California, and New York.

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Featured Fellow: Roboticist Volkan Isler


The Robotic Sensor Networks Lab is building robotic systems and deploying them in environmental applications.

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Precision farming targets major threat to soybean crops


Over the last 15 years, farmers across the U.S. have faced a daunting challenge. The soybean aphid, an invasive species first reported in the U.S. in 2000, has flourished on farms.

Digital Technology, Research

MSI Beta experiments with new technologies


A key tenant of design thinking is rapid prototyping — the idea that testing a new idea early and often in an environment that supports and learns from failure is crucial to driving innovation forward.