New book features the late University of Minnesota engineering dean Athelstan Spilhaus


Biography reveals how a South African rascal became the “flywheel of the machine of American science.”


Media Alert: University of Minnesota begins $92.5 million renovation of historic building


More than 135 people, including legislators, alumni, University leaders, and faculty are scheduled to attend an invitation-only Tate Science and Teaching ceremonial groundbreaking.

Medical-Health Technology

3D-printed guide helps regrow complex nerves after injury


A national team of researchers has developed a first-of-its-kind, 3D-printed guide that helps regrow both the sensory and motor functions of complex nerves after injury.


University of Minnesota Polar Geospatial Center to lead effort on mapping Alaska and arctic


Much of Alaska and the arctic lack modern, reliable maps needed to support modern activities including ground and air transportation, safe recreation, land management, sustainable development, and scientific studies.


Researchers land $20 million grant to explore impact of nanotechnology on the environment


University of Minnesota researchers are part of a team of researchers from the Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology (CSN) who have received a new $20 million grant from the National Science Foundation to evaluate the impact of nanotechnology on the environment and other living things.

Events, K-12 Outreach

CSE at the Minnesota State Fair


A variety of College of Science and Engineering exhibits will showcase the relevance of science, engineering, and mathematics to people’s everyday lives at this year’s Minnesota State Fair.

Research, Physics and Astronomy

Will E.T. phone home? U of M lecture explores search for alien worlds


An upcoming University of Minnesota lecture entitled ‘To the Stars We Will Go: The Worlds of Exoplanets’ will highlight how astronomers detect and characterize planets outside our solar system that could harbor alien life.

Infrastructure/Transportation, Energy-Environment

University of Minnesota solar car team to unveil new car Aug. 18


The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project team will give the public a first look at its newest solar-hybrid car at a special event for the media, sponsors and supporters.

Physics and Astronomy

Physicists release first results from neutrino experiment at NOvA lab in northern Minnesota


University of Minnesota physicists Greg Pawloski and Jianming Bian will present the first results from one of the world’s largest physics experiments based at the NOvA lab in northern Minnesota. The seminar is free and open to the public.


University of Minnesota researchers to lead a $12M research network to build sustainable, healthy, and livable cities


The University of Minnesota has received a $12 million dollar award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to bring together a unique network of scientists, industry leaders, and policy partners committed to building better cities of the future.