College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota
College of Science and Engineering

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Academic support

Most students find the academic demands of a science or engineering program challenging—even those who excelled in high school. If you’re having trouble with a course, start by talking with the professor or teaching assistant during their office hours. Other students can be a great source of help, too, and you may surprise yourself by helping the other person right back.

Don’t hesitate to use the following academic support programs in the University. You can talk with your academic advisor about them or go directly to the program.


CSE students use a strong system of general and technical libraries on campus.

  • Science and Engineering Library
    Features more than 40 terminals for library research, 1,000 electronic resources, high-speed plug-in and wireless network access for laptops, and digital scanning services (located in Walter Library)
  • University of Minnesota Libraries
    Five major facilities and 11 branch sites; 17th-largest research library system in North America
  • Mathematics Library
    Specialized collection and services (located in Vincent Hall)


Students in the College of Science and Engineering use special computer labs for coursework.

If you choose to have a personal computer, CSE does not require any specific type of computer or software.