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Applying for a major

Listing an intended major

Before you have been admitted to your major, you can list an intended major on your APAS (a record of your courses and grades). Listing an intended major helps with course planning and advising, but does not guarantee admission into the major.

At this stage, you can change your intended major by stopping into the CSE Academic Advising Office or emailing

Students entering the University of Minnesota in or after fall 2010

Admission to a major in the College of Science and Engineering is a competitive process based on the successful completion of specific technical courses and an grade point average (GPA) based on technical courses (the technical GPA*). Students who have completed the necessary technical courses and have a 3.2 or above technical GPA* at the end of fall semester will be guaranteed admission to that major.

All other students who have completed the necessary technical coursework for their intended major (as identified by each department) and have a 2.0 or above technical GPA*, will be considered for admission to that major on a space-available basis.

Students who are not admitted to their intended major following fall semester should work closely with their college academic advisors to determine their next steps and future options. Admission following spring semester is based on space-availability.

To learn more about the course requirements for admission to a major, check out the four year plan for your major. The courses required for admission to the major are double-boxed or have a dashed outline on the four-year plan.

Students typically apply to a major while enrolled in fall semester courses during their sophomore year (third semester). Any student who is not admitted to the major by spring semester of their sophomore year may have a Major Declaration hold (MDR) placed on their record. This hold will prevent future registration until a student is admitted to a major.

* The technical GPA is comprised only of courses taken at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. An unbracketed technical GPA is used in the admission to the major process, meaning that all attempts at a course (which resulted in a letter grade of A-F) are factored into the GPA.

Admission to the Major Timeline

Admission Term Applications Begin Application Deadline
Spring semester October 1 December 30
Fall semester March 1 May 25

To apply for admission to your major, log in to the admission to the major database. All applicants will be notified of their admission decision via email within three weeks of the application deadline.

Changing majors

To change majors within the college, add a second major, or drop a major, submit a University Academic Policy Petition and a copy of your current transcript and APAS to CSE Academic Advising.

Changing majors outside the college: One Stop has information about applying for transfer to another college within the University.

CSE Academic Advising & Career Center, 105 Lind Hall, 612-624-2890
CSE Collegiate Life, 115 Lind Hall, 612-624-5091