Empowering women, changing futures

The Women Technology Park (WTP), organized by the Technology Informatics Design Endeavour (TIDE), was an inspiring place.

It was a place of empowerment and dissemination of new eco-friendly practices and technologies that could increase the quality of life and revenue-generating potential for the women involved.

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After eating a nice, simple meal prepared by the women, they sat down with us for an open discussion. Topics ranged from their involvement with the WTP to their favorite type of music, which we had the privilege of hearing them sing.

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The conversation was one filled with mutual curiosity and laughter. During the discussion, some powerful statements were made that can attest to the positive impact TIDE and the WTP are having on the lives of these women.

They said they now have the confidence to express their viewpoints in a public setting. Also, due to their increased income, they know their children can have a better future. Possibly most important of all, outside women recognize the apparent newfound joy they have and, as a result, want to get involved.

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As a takeaway, the senior project manager of the WTP, Poornima, wants people to know that the women there have the same aspirations and hopes as anyone else. Now access to education and technology have helped them to make those a reality.


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