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Welcome to the CSE Mentor Program!

Each year, the CSE Mentor Program matches more than 250 students with industry professionals. Our program is one of the largest mentor programs at the University of Minnesota, and includes the Actuary Mentor Program as part of the CSE Mentor Program.

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Mentor Activities

As a mentor working one-on-one with a student, you will help your student prepare for the transition from college life to the workplace. You will also build your own coaching, communication and leadership skills.

  • You will have at least two contacts per month with your student from October to April. This can include face-to-face, by email or telephone.
  • You will attend an orientation in the fall and a closing reception in the spring.
  • Depending on the student's goals and your resources, your activities may include discussion, resume feedback, job shadowing, networking and/or a company tour.
  • Students in the program are expected to take the lead in the relationship, identifying goals and respecting your time and investment.

The CSE Mentor Program provides an orientation, helpful hints on mentoring, and other support as needed.

Corporate participation

Companies can support the Mentor Program by promoting it to their employees, organizing networking groups for those in the program, and providing tours or events for the mentors and their matched students.

For more information about the Mentor Program, please contact Ann Terry in Alumni Relations at or 612-626-1802.