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Why support CSE

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A vision for the future

Your gifts build quality in vital academic areas, create new opportunities for students, attract faculty of distinction, and support new achievements in research and outreach. Your support is crucial to our college's vision for creating a better future for us all through the following:

  • Expanding research that addresses global issues and creates new industries and jobs
  • Educating greater numbers of top scientists and engineers to drive innovation and create the workforce of the future

Bridging the future

The College of Science and Engineering is focused on the following four key ways to make our vision a reality:

Our goals

You can help build these bridges to the future by supporting the college's greatest needs, including the following fundraising priorities:

Together, we can build bridges to a future that we have only begun to imagine. Your support of the College of Science and Engineering can change the future.

"The University played such an important role in my life. I wanted to make a contribution back, so I could help someone in the same way I was helped."

—Robert Sundahl, Metallurgical Eng '58, M.S. '64, Ph.D. '66