College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota
College of Science and Engineering

Office of Associate Dean for Research and Planning

The College of Science and Engineering is a vibrant research enterprise supported by more than $115 million in annual research expenditures from external funding sources. The scholarly work ranges from exploring fundamental scientific and mathematical questions to applied and translational work in engineering. Research is carried out in 12 academic departments and their numerous research centers and laboratories, two free-standing graduate programs, and 16 collegiate research centers and facilities.

The Associate Dean for Research and Planning is responsible for organizing and overseeing the college's research enterprise, finance planning, and execution.

For research and professional activities, the Associate Dean:

  • facilitates the organizational and institutional support for major research initiatives and proposals
  • manages indirect cost allocations to units, and research cost-sharing
  • oversees responsible research conduct, certified approvers, and research safety
  • approves proposal routing forms (PRFs)
  • serves as point of contact for conflict of interest management
  • approves Reports of External Activities (REPAs) and Request for Consultant or Other Service Agreements (ROCs)
  • oversees the college's technology transfer and industrial research relations
  • represents the college in the University's Council of Research Associate Deans (CRAD)

For planning and operations, the Associate Dean:

  • oversees the college's Office of Finance and Budget
  • oversees the college's budget development and how operations and maintenance funds are allocated to collegiate units
  • oversees the college's information technology administration
  • manages funds allocation for teaching assistant, instructional laboratory and computing and construction, repairs and betterment to collegiate units
  • manages data collection and reporting for collegiate research and graduate activities

Mos Kaveh Photo

Mos Kaveh

Associate Dean for Research and Planning
Tel: 612-626-3833
Fax: 612-624-2841



David Pappone
Finance Director
Tel: 612-624-6854
Fax: 612-624-2841

Danielle Fong
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Tel: 612-625-0721
Fax: 612-624-2841