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College of Science and Engineering

Future graduate students

The graduate programs in the College of Science and Engineering attract top candidates from around the country and world. We invite you to apply and help make the future happen!

The University of Minnesota offers master’s and doctoral graduate programs throughout the College of Science and Engineering.

Research in our departments and centers is leading to breakthroughs that will transform society and individual lives. Innovative and increasingly interdisciplinary research is addressing global issues in such areas as environmental protection, sustainable energy sources, and human health. Such research will also power the world’s economic engine.

Discover programs in your field on this website at Graduate programs.

Transforming graduate education

Graduate education at the University of Minnesota is among the best in the nation, with top programs in many fields and a strong commitment to excellence, diversity, interdisciplinary study, and innovation. Our graduate student satisfaction rates are high. In 2010, the University embarked on an ambitious plan to further advance graduate and professional education to meet the needs of the future.


Begin by contacting your major program or visiting its website for admissions information, including program application materials, financial aid, start dates, deadlines, and other important information. Programs that require specific materials may not consider the Graduate School application for admission until they receive these materials.

You then submit an online application to the Graduate School. See Graduate application information.