College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota
College of Science and Engineering

Future transfer students

You may have a year or two of college under your belt, but now you're interested in getting a science or engineering degree at the University of Minnesota. Why should you transfer to the College of Science and Engineering?

The College of Science and Engineering offers

  • World-class academics
  • 19 majors tailored for the careers of today and tomorrow
  • Your unique opportunities beyond the classroom
  • Location in the heart of a fun campus in cities known for culture, entertainment, and industry

We know that transfer students bring academic strengths and value the many contributions they have made to the College of Science and Engineering. We're here to help you reach your academic and personal goals as a student at CSE.

Where are you on the road to CSE?

I have some questions about transferring to CSE.

Answers to commonly asked questions are available at "Questions future transfer students ask."

I want to visit campus.

Campus tours for prospective transfer students are available most weekdays through the Admissions Office. To schedule a tour please call the VisitLine at 612-625-0000 or schedule online.

I'm starting to plan my transfer.

Basic information regarding the transfer process is available here and at the Admissions Office. Transfer course plans and Technical course equivalency guides for many two and four-year schools around the country are available online as well.

I'm ready to apply.

Applications for new University transfer students are available online through the Admissions Office.

I want to transfer within the University of Minnesota.

Current University of Minnesota students can apply for transfer to CSE as an inter-college transfer (within the Twin Cities campus) or as an intra-University transfer (from one of our coordinate campuses). Get more information regarding transferring within the University.