AEM 1303 - Aircraft: Design, Build, and Fly

Now ubiquitous, powered aircraft flight is little more than a century old. In this hands-on seminar, we will explore the fundamentals of flight through the design, flight test, and analysis of small, UAV (uninhabited aerial vehicle) aircraft. Initially, we will cover the history and fundamentals of flight through lectures and discussion, answering questions such as, "how do aircraft fly?" and "why do aircraft look so similar?" Then, working in small teams, students will design, build, and flight test an electric remote-control aircraft. Students will analyze the flight tests to see if the aircraft performed as expected, write reports, and present on the results. Additional elements of the seminar may include lectures, discussions, and activities associated with aircraft, including the engineering challenges of past, current, and future aircraft. This is a Freshman seminar, for true freshmen only.