AEM Seminar Database Instructions



Department Seminar (from database)

Instructions for changing from a server virtual include to an iframe for Drupal:

  • click source button on edit bar to insert iframe html
  • insert the following html as source: <iframe frameborder="0" height="2000px" width="100%" src="INSERT INCLUDE SCRIPT LINE HERE"></iframe>
  • copy the script line text from www.aem into the "" after the src=.  script line text is the text in quotes after #include virtual="" in the file on www.aem.
  • src parameter for the iframe MUST start with   On www.aem it probably starts with /, so insert this before the / (only a single / is needed after .edu)
  • if present, change script url parameter from $DOCUMENT_URI to 'iframe' (without the quotes) 
  • adjust iframe width and height as needed.  There is no easy way to get the height to be automatic (100% will not work), but width of 100% works fine.  If either is too small for content the iframe will add scroll bars in the page.
  • you may also want to adjust the script parameters (inside the iframe src parameter quotes)
  • click the source button again to return to normal editing.  Output of the script should show in the editing window.
  • Save the page.
  • If the script output includes links, check that they work inside the iframe correctly.

The following scripts have been fixed for use in iframe so far:  events-inc,  (working on class-list and classes-offered)

AEM Course Catalog From Database


AEM Offered Technical Electives from Database

The Advising Guide currently has this information for the next four semesters (next and one after that marked "tenative" academic years).  You have to edit the term and year parameters in the iframe link to change this.  The one below is set to fall 2019. Plan is the BAEM plan code, do not change that.