Community Assistance Resources

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones in light of the devastating events that have occurred in our communities. Below are some resources for those looking to volunteer or who are in need of assistance.

Assistance for employees without power, access to food, etc.: Red Cross has some virtual resources for families who need assistance and it includes phone numbers for resources:

Diversity and InclusionOED's affinity groups can also help our employee community who are seeking a safe place where they feel seen and heard. Educational training and offerings of OED which are now available as virtual meetings

Workplace Resources: Sand Creek has provided the two resources: “Help Your Co-Workers Get Through A Difficult Time,” and “Normal Reactions to Abnormal Events.”

Helping Parents: To help employees help their children cope with these events, the CDC provides information on how to help children in an emergency.  

UMN Well-Being Resources

CSE, together with other university entities, has been providing emergency funding to both undergraduate and graduate students who may require it, for example to address housing, food, transportation, or mental health needs.   Any student may request these funds through onestop ( and expect a fairly rapid turnaround.