Laboratory for Complex Flows

Laboratory for Complex Flows

Director: E. Longmire

Location: 30B Akerman Hall

Turbulent Flow

In this lab, a number of experiments are in progress that investigate fundamental gas and liquid flows. Areas of focus are turbulent particle-laden gas flows, liquid/liquid mixtures with surface tension, turbulent boundary layers and jets, and fluid/structure interactions in MEMS.

Diagnostic equipment includes two pairs of pulsed, frequency-doubled Nd:YAG lasers, a continuous Argon Ion laser, a laser Doppler anemometer system, a laser Doppler vibrometer, a Nikon microscope, several digital cameras (including single frame, dual frame, video, and high frame rate) and film cameras (still and high-frame rate). The cameras are used for both visualization (including laser induced fluorescence) and particle image velocimetry (PIV). Both planar and stereo PIV measurements are in progress. Oscilloscopes, a spectrum analyzer, electronic timing boxes, signal generators, and filters are also employed in the experiments. Macintosh and Pentium-based personal computers, and a Silicon Graphics workstation are available for experimental control, data acquisition, and data processing. All computers are connected to the local area network by fiber optic cables allowing transfer rates of 100 Megabit per second.

Longmire Flow model
Longmire flow model