AEM Graduate Wins Travel Award

Manash Chakraborty, a graduate student and research assistant in the AEM department, won a travel award at the Midwest Workshop on Control and Game Theory on April 28. The MWCGT is a major event in the Midwest that brings together students, researchers, and practitioners in control and game theory. The event was hosted by Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Chakraborty won a travel award for his poster titled "Conic Controller Synthesis with Gain-Scheduled Internal Models for Robust Trajectory Tracking," which was based on his doctoral work with Professor Ryan Caverly.

The objective of Chakraborty’s poster was to show a controller synthesis method using Conic Sector Theorem and Internal Model Principle. This creates a robust controller with excellent tracking performance for any periodic reference signal. Chakraborty presented a visual depiction of the proposed synthesis method to the audience and how it can be implemented in a gain-scheduled fashion. He then presented numerical results to show the performance of his method in comparison to conventional controllers.

Chakraborty participated in a “Poster Flash Session,” where he presented his ideas in a time constraint of two minutes.

“Attending MWCGT gave me an amazing experience of meeting lots of prominent researchers in my field of work,” he said. “I am very thankful that my advisor, Professor Ryan J. Caverly, encouraged me to present a poster on my research, and it would not have been possible for me to prepare the poster within a very short amount of time without his consistent support. I will continue working with Professor Caverly and do my best to produce more fascinating work in the future.”

The department congratulates Chakraborty on his award and wishes him luck on his future endeavors.