the northrop building at midday

Minnesota Space Grant Exhibit at STEM Day at the State Fair

Channel 45 (ABC) featured Panos Delton, a U of MN senior, and stratospheric ballooning hardware at the MnSGC booth at the fair. The MnSGC regularly has a day-long exhibit at STEM Day - the first day of the MN State Fair. Typically the exhibit includes student-built aerospace hardware such as high-power rockets and stratospheric ballooning payloads, plus activities such as candybar-carrying napkin parachutes or straw rockets. Stop by (next year!).

The Minnesota Space Grant Consortium (MnSGC) is part of the NASA-funded National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program (usually just called Space Grant) established by Congress in 1988. Nationally, Space Grant is a network of 52 university-based statewide consortia, including all 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, with nearly 1000 mostly-higher-education affiliate institutions delivering programming nationwide. Space Grant provides support for higher education students majoring in STEM fields, NASA-themed higher education offerings plus research opportunities for faculty and students, NASA-themed professional development for pre-college and in-service and pre-service teachers, and informal education activities related to aerospace science and engineering for pre-college students and the general public.