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Micro-courses are short courses ranging from 15 minutes to multiple weeks that teach you specific and useful skills related to designing and building your projects. Students sign up through the University’s Training Hub and course material is found on Canvas, Upon completion, the micro-course is added to a student’s Training Hub transcript.

Sign up today for a micro-course listed below, starting with the Orientation, which is required before taking other micro-courses.

More courses are being developed each semester so check back for more options.

Anderson Labs Learn

Sessions Available

AL1001 – Orientation to the Anderson Student Innovation Labs

AL1002 – Exceed Lab User and Safety Training

AL1201 – Learn to Lasercut!

AL3002 – Exceed Lab SuperUser Training

AL1101 – Learn to 3D Print!

AL1903 - Learn: Electric Motor Design

Sessions Available Soon

AL1021 - Introduction to 3D Modeling

You can design and teach a class

If you have a specific skill and would like to design and teach a micro-course, complete the Design and Teach a Micro-Course in the Anderson Innovation Labs form. Anderson Labs staff will contact you for more information.

Anderson Labs Learn