Identifying policies and practices that undermine diversity, equity, and inclusion

We believe that it is our job to identify policies and practices in our department and in our field that undermine diversity, equity, and inclusion, and take responsive action to correct them. We are committed to creating forums for these conversations to take place.

BME DEI Sharing Circle

The goal of the BME DEI Sharing Circle is to provide a safe space for individuals from all positions within the department to voice concerns they have with regards to diversity, equity and inclusion in the department. We provide a means for community members to voice ideas and have prompted discussion about how we can improve the culture and community in our department.

We have recently started highlighting specific groups of the community (undergraduate students, graduate students, research staff and post-docs, administrative staff and faculty) to have discussions about how the climate within that specific group could potentially be improved. This is a valuable method for gauging where we are at with regards to fostering an inclusive climate as well as brainstorming ideas for next steps that can be taken to improve that climate.

For the next few months, the meeting will happen at a time that was determined to work for a majority of community members in that month's target group. After this rotation is finished we will return to a more regular schedule.

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