MicroBionix testing system

The MicroBionix testing system is a highly accurate and convenient system for low-force static and dynamic mechanical testing of biomaterials and soft tissue.


MTS MicroBionix testing system hardware includes:

  • Computer with Testworks II software.

  • Vibration isolation table.

  • Various grips.

  • A video camera mount.





12 mm

1 μm

Load Cell 1

5 N

5 mN

Load Cell 2

250 N

2.5 N


Horizontally configured, the MicroBionix system conveniently accommodates special accessories for tissue cultures and other soft specimens, including:

  • Various load cells (5 N, 250 N).

  • Various grips (depending on application).

  • Various accessories for different workbench configurations.

  • Adjustable-height mini-platform (typically used underneath specimen).

  • Video camera, VCR, and monitor.

  • Video camera mount with 3-D adjustment.


The MicroBionix system offers load test capability from 0.001 N to 250 N and a frequency of up to 50 Hz. Ideal for tissue engineering applications, it can test soft tissues with a 1-micrometer displacement resolution through 12-mm displacement range.

In addition, it plugs into a standard AC electrical outlet, eliminating the noise and inconvenience of oil-based hydraulic systems.


Its dual static and dynamic capabilities make it ideal for a broad range of monotonic, durability, and fatigue testing. Tests can be run in load, displacement, and strain control modes.

Displacement range is +/- 12 mm, making it ideal for testing compliant soft tissues. Soft tissue applications include cyclic or step loading to analyze viscoelastic responses, fracture mechanics, or fatigue.