Sam Boland

Inaugural Trainee, 2019-2021
Cardiovascular engineering program


Sam Boland is a 2018 graduate of Penn State University with degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. He currently works as a Reliability Engineer at Hologic in Danbury, CT, where he works to identify and mitigate potential design failure modes in novel breast cancer detection technology.

As a student at Penn State, Sam performed research for three years in the Mechanobiology Lab, culminating in an undergraduate Honors Thesis exploring improved methods of drug delivery to atherosclerotic plaques. Sam's primary research interests include improving our understanding of the fundamental mechanics that drive cardiovascular disease and translating that knowledge to create new treatments.

During the winter, Sam spends most weekends snowboarding and playing ice hockey with friends, and is an avid runner when the weather is warmer (he completed the Twin Cities Marathon, his first marathon, last October).