Yost’s and Con Diaz’s Studies in Computing and Culture Book Series at Johns Hopkins University Press

Johns Hopkins Studies in Computing and Culture is a new series that publishes on the relationships among digital technology, political economies, and sociocultural systems. Series editors Jeffrey R. Yost and Gerardo Con Diaz seek interdisciplinary scholarship that speaks to how computing, information, and data cultures change over time and how our digital present and future relate to the long arc of social, political, cultural, economic, legal, or environmental change.

Jeffrey R. Yost is Director of the Charles Babbage Institute, and Research Professor of HSTM, University of Minnesota. His research focuses on the social, cultural, and institutional history of computing/software, and his most recent book is Making IT Work: A History of the Computer Services Industry (MIT Press, 2017).

Gerardo Con Diaz is Associate Professor of Science and Technology Studies at the University of California, Davis. His research investigates the relationships among information technology, law, and business. He recently published Software Rights: How Patent Law Transformed Software Development in America (Yale Press, 2019).

The series’ editorial board consists of Héctor Beltrán, MIT; Ruha Benjamin, Princeton University; Lilly Irani, UCSD; Meg Leta Jones, Georgetown University; Ya-Wen Lei, Harvard University; Eden Medina, MIT; Mai Sugimoto, Kansai University.

Contact Gerardo Con Diaz or Jeffrey R. Yost for more information and to submit proposal materials.



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