CEGE Tours and Classroom Visits

Schedule a tour to visit our research facility—we will work with you to create a custom visit for your group, or have the CEGE Student Ambassadors visit your classroom—virtually or in-person

Contact the CEGE Ambassadors via Email: cegetour@umn.edu

The CEGE Student Ambassadors is a student-led outreach program focused on introducing K-12 students to STEM and to the three majors of our department. We are excited to engage with teachers and students to bring engineering to life in the classroom!  We love to engage with students, get them interested in STEM, and teach the basics of civil, environmental, and geo-engineering.

Ethan Myers and AJ Tabura
Ethan Myers, Environmental Engineering Major  (left) and AJ Tabura, Civil Engineering Major (right) are the 2021-2022 co-coordinators of the CEGE Student Ambassadors.

A visit to CEGE can include

  • Hands-on classroom activities and demonstrations led by current UMN students
  • Research facility tours
  • Interaction with CEGE faculty and undergraduate students
student demonstrating structural and environmental tests
student working with water test
close up of foundation demo

Contact the CEGE Student Ambassadors to schedule your tour today! cegetour@umn.edu