Mihai Marasteanu

Mihai Marasteanu

Mihai Marasteanu

MSES/Miles Kersten Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering


Civil Engineering Building
Room 142
500 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Center for Transportation Studies


  • Ph.D., 1999, Civil Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
  • M.S., 1995, Civil Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
  • Engineer Diploma, 1985, Civil Engineering Institute, Bucharest, Romania
Research Interests

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Marasteanu's research at the University of Minnesota has focused on two main themes: application of viscoelasticity and fracture mechanics concepts to asphalt materials characterization, and the development of simple, implementable laboratory testing methods based on complex material characterization analyses.

Marasteanu has lead, with colleagues from University of Wisconsin, Iowa State University, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, two major national pooled fund studies on low temperature cracking in asphalt pavements. The results represent a significant step towards using asphalt mixtures fracture tests and fracture mechanics to select cracking resistant materials and to predict pavement performance based on mechanics concepts.

In research funded by the NCHRP Idea program, Marasteanu's group developed simple experimental methods that could be used to obtain relevant creep and strength properties of asphalt binders and mixtures by testing small beams. Current experimental testing of asphalt mixtures requires large specimens and expensive laboratory equipment that severely limit the number of laboratories that can perform these tests and makes routine testing for quality control prohibitive. Validation of the results was based on micromechanics and representative volume element concepts, as well as size effect and weakest link model.

To evaluate the influence of asphalt binder properties on asphalt mixture properties, simple phenomenological and analogical models were used with asphalt binder and asphalt mixture experimental data obtained at low temperatures. A novel procedure, that allows back-calculating binder creep compliance from mixture experimental data, was proposed and successfully tested on asphalt mixtures prepared with recycled materials. This procedure has the significant advantage of eliminating the need for the chemical extraction of the asphalt binder from the asphalt mixture, and provides a simple tool for fine tuning the design of mixtures prepared with large proportions of recycled materials.

Selected Publications

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