My focus is to help students begin the transition from the academic world to the industrial / commercial world using experiments in the unit operations lab as a platform. Industrial experience gained from 25 years of research, product and process development, and technical management is used to guide and challenge students to effectively apply concepts learned through coursework to practical unit operation activities. Extending course concepts, planning and organizing data collection, analyzing data, developing conclusions, and evaluating validity and relevance are skills that are “learned by doing” in the unit ops lab. Similarly, I have taugth a materials property lecture course and associated lab for non-majors to provide basic understanding of the relationships between structure and properties as well as experiments that demonstrate methods to measure basic material properties.

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Phone: 612/625-1420

Office: 345 Amundson Hall

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  • B.Ch.E., Chemical Engineering, 1970 University of Minnesota
  • M.S.Ch.E., Chemical Engineering, 1974 University of Minnesota
  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 1978 University of Minnesota
  • M.B.A., 1983 University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business
  • P.E. (Illinois)