Assistant Professor Natalie Boehnke's research paper featured in the academic journal Science

CEMS Assistant Professor Natalie Boehnke's research paper titled "Massively parallel pooled screening reveals genomic determinants of nanoparticle delivery" has been featured in the academic journal Science. Her paper details how nanoparticles are increasingly being tested as vehicles for delivering therapeutics, and some are already in clinical use for cancer chemotherapy. Nanoparticle-based treatments can offer various therapeutic advantages such as decreased toxicity, longer half-life, and improved drug delivery. However, there are a multitude of possible nanoparticle formulations with different physical and biological properties, and it is not readily apparent which ones would be best in a given disease setting.

Boehnke et al. developed a high-throughput screening method that allowed them to systematically evaluate the interactions of 35 different nanoparticle types with hundreds of cancer cell lines. Using this approach, the authors identified some features of the cancer cells and nanoparticles that could predict successful nanoparticle delivery, which should facilitate further therapeutic advances. 

Full research paper available here: 

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