Bhaskar Das wins prestigious APS DMP Post-Doctoral Travel Award

Dr. Bhaskar Das, a post-doctoral scholar in Professor Chris Leighton's group, was recently awarded a prestigious American Physical Society (APS) Physics Division of Materials Physics (DMP) Post-Doctoral Travel Award for research on "Unconventional electronic transport near the insulator-metal transition in Co-doped pyrite FeS2 single crystals." Pyrite FeS2 is a low-cost, sustainable, non-toxic material with potential for several applications such as in solar cells. However, to understand the fundamental electronic properties of pyrite, low temperature transport behavior must be probed. This is difficult in FeS2 because of complex electronic behavior at the surface. This study circumvented these surface effects, and, as a result, unconventional electronic properties near the insulator-to-metal transition were revealed for the first time in pyrite FeS2 single crystals.

The DMP Post-Doctoral Travel Awards were established to recognize innovative materials physics research by Post-Doctoral researchers that will be presented at the APS March Meeting. It was anticipated that ten $1200 awards would be granted this year, and winners were selected based on the quality of their research, the impact of the research at the March Meeting, and the innovative contribution of the post-doctoral researcher. The selection committee consisted of members of the Executive Committee of the Division of Materials Physics.,the%20Division%20of%20Materials%20Physics.