CEMS graduate student Yutong Pang wins AIChE Travel Award

Yutong Pang, a 5th year chemical engineering PhD candidate advised by CEMS Professor Paul Dauenhauer, has won travel award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division (CRE) to support her participation in the 2021 AIChE Annual Meeting.
Pang was selected for the AIChE Travel Award for research on “On the Spatial Design of Co-Fed Amines for Selective Dehydration of Methyl Lactate to Acrylates over NaY Zeolite Catalyst” using amine promoters to improve selectivity from biomass-derived lactate to renewable acrylates. 
Only 20 AIChE CRE Travel Awards are awarded annually, to assist graduate students with their travel expenses to the AIChE Annual Meeting where they will present the results of their research. Students may win this award only once during the course of their graduate studies. Pang will receive a monetary award and a ticket to the CRE Division Dinner, where the recipients will be officially recognized.