CEMS graduate students honored with Outstanding Teaching Assistant (TA) Awards

Due to the pandemic, CEMS Outstanding Teaching Assistant (TA) Awards were postponed. CEMS is now proud to honor these graduate student TA’s (below). Nominated by their course instructor and selected by the CEMS Directors of Graduate Studies, these honorees received a monetary award and will be recognized at an upcoming department ceremony.

Fall 2019: Xiayu Peng and Aaron Lindsay

Spring 2020: John Dewey, Grace Kresge, Kristin Lemke, Aaron Shih, Szu-Ming Yang

Fall 2020: Pengyu Chen, Rohan Chakraborty, Eeshani Godbole, Matt Hausladen, Rishabh Gupta, Moujhuri Sau, Koen Verrjit, Amber Walton, Fan Yang, Aristotelis Zografos

Spring 2021: Demetra Adrahtas, Marisa Bazzi, Kristine Loh, Mayuri Kiran Porwal, Justin Ramberger, Benjamin Riley, Tristan Truttman