CEMS Student, Sam Wang recipient of the 2021 Crystal Group Innovation Scholarship

Sam Wang (ChE '22) is one of two 2021 recipients of the Crystal Group Innovation Scholarship. During his freshman year, Sam was selected to be a project engineer for Engineers Without Borders and travelled to Paraxaj, Guatemala to implement a water distribution system for a village of natives who did not have access to fresh water. From this experience, Sam found his passion to use engineering to advance society. In his sophomore and junior years, Sam dove into the technology industry working as a process engineer intern at Seagate Technology. In this position he led multimillion-dollar projects with production and R&D teams, achieving sustainability and financial targets for the company. While in CEMS, Sam has received the Ed & Cora Remus Scholarship and the Wendell & Dottie Manske Scholarship. Upon graduation, Sam plans to pursue a career that leverages his technology expertise to advance both companies and society.

The Crystal Group Innovation Scholarship recognizes the academic accomplishments, leadership and participation in both school and community activities of two full-time students pursuing an undergraduate degree in Business, Engineering, or related major. Scholarship recipients receive a one-time $1,000 scholarship payable directly to the institution in which they are enrolled. Details for the 2022 Innovation Scholarship will be posted on crystalrugged.com/scholarships.