CEMS students and alumni receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) honors

March 25, 2021 - Numerous CEMS students and alumni have received awards through the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). The program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based Master's and doctoral degrees at accredited United States institutions.

Current graduate student awardees include: Kaylee Barr (ChE, advised by Frank Bates and Theresa Reineke), Spencer Bingham (MSE, advised by Lee Penn and Alon McCormick), Kristine Loh (ChE, advised by Vivian Ferry and Uwe Kortshagen), and Kaylie Richard (ChE, advised by Casim Sarkar).

Former CEMS undergraduate student awardees include: Tsvetelina Baryakova (ChE ’18, now attending William Marsh Rice University), Blake Johnson (ChE, Chem ’19, now attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Ishita Kamboj (MSE ’19, now attending North Carolina State University), David Kitto (ChE, Chem ’19, now attending the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor), Jack Van Sambeek (MSE ’20), and Cory Thomas West (ChE, Chem ’14, now attending Northwestern University).

The GRFP helps ensure the vitality and diversity of the scientific and engineering workforce of the United States. The GRFP provides three years of financial support for the graduate education of individuals who have demonstrated their potential for significant research achievements in STEM and STEM education. As the oldest graduate fellowship of its kind, the GRFP has a long history of selecting recipients who achieve high levels of success in their future academic and professional careers.

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