Holmes named Distinguished McKnight University Professor

April 7, 2021 - Professor Russell Holmes has been named a 2021 Distinguished McKnight University Professor. The University-wide program seeks to honor and reward the most distinguished and highest-achieving mid-career faculty who have recently attained full professor status, especially those who have made significant advances in their careers at the University of Minnesota, whose work and reputation are identified with the University, and whose accomplishments have brought great renown and prestige to Minnesota.

Holmes was honored for engineering nanoscale energy transport for next-generation optoelectronics and solar cells. He works to understand and improve the optical and electronic behavior of nanoscale films of carbon-based, organic semiconductors. These materials will revolutionize technologies for information display, lighting, sensing, and energy conversion, by improving performance and enabling mechanically flexible devices. Holmes uses fundamental knowledge of material properties to design novel optoelectronic devices and elucidate underlying device physics. He is especially known for engineering energy transport in organic semiconductors, with applications in light-emitting devices and solar cells.

Prior CEMS recipients of this award include Professors Frank Bates, Jeff Derby, Kevin Dorfman, Dan Frisbie, Wei-Shou Hu, Satish Kumar, Chris Leighton, Tim Lodge, and Bob Tranquillo.

Recipients are honored with the title Distinguished McKnight University Professor, which they hold for as long as they remain at the University of Minnesota. The grant associated with the Professorship consists of $120,000 over five years to be used, in accordance with University policy, for research and scholarly activities.