UMN start-up based on Professor Bob Tranquillo's research closes $10 million Series A financing

Vascudyne, Inc., a biotechnology trailblazer in regenerative medicine, recently announced it has raised $10 million Series A cash financing through a global group of investors. 

Vascudyne’s proprietary TRUE Tissue technology was developed by Professor Robert Tranquillo— a Distinguished McKnight University Professor with the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota—and researchers in his lab. 

The investment will support Vascudyne’s efforts to further develop the TRUE Tissue platform technology for additional products, as Vascudyne Chief Executive Officer Kem Schankereli explains in a news release:

“Closing the Series A finance round is a very exciting milestone for Vascudyne. We are gaining momentum and paving the way to being able to supply our TRUE Tissue regenerative material technology to patients in need. The Series A funding provides the needed support to grow the organization so we can continue our clinical trials, expand operations, and translate additional products using our TRUE technology platform from pre-clinical to clinical trials.”

While other regenerative medicine cardiovascular devices contain synthetic polymer-based scaffolds that slowly degrade in the body and may lead to adverse immune response, Vascudyne’s TRUE™ Tissue technology is 100% biological: nothing synthetic or artificial is ever used in the manufacturing process.