COVID-19 Access Info

CharFac is operating as follows:

  • User training is possible on most but not all instruments. Please directly contact the individual lab manager(s) to discuss what may be appropriate BEFORE initiating the approval-chain process for working in the facility. If there is a pressing need for specific data on a small number of samples, the most responsible approach is to engage our experts to get the work done. (Please work with us.) If, in discussion(s), it is decided that training is appropriate and doable, then please briefly summarize these discussions in the submitted sunrise form requesting access to CharFac. 
  • Hands-on access for all users (those previously trained or seeking training) is according to three initial routes:
    1. UMN researchers from the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) can submit the standard web form for re-accessing campus labs and should include a request for CharFac access in the appropriate field of the web form.
    2. If a UMN user has already submitted the previous UMN web form without requesting CharFac access (i.e., has done so for one's departmental labs but not CharFac), or if the requester is from another UMN college (i.e., not CSE), then please resubmit to the same web form engine, requesting access to specific CharFac site(s)/room(s) in the web form; but route to haugs001 as dept approver (which then goes to the CSE Research Associate Dean for final approval and notification of CharFac). Please DO NOT send emails to anyone for these purposes.
    3. Non-UMN users, or other technical personnel needing laboratory access (e.g., instrumentation service engineers), may request access by emailing
  • As always contact the lab managers for more specific information on the system(s) sought. Web-based scheduling is performed by CharFac staff by default. If receiving a specific exception (i.e., allowance to directly reserve time on a specific instrument while notifying a specific staff member), please recognize and remember that the privilege ONLY applies to those instruments for which the exception was granted.
  • Some brief in-person assistance may be possible under appropriate physical distancing, but lengthier assistance sessions may need to include remote elements.

Continuing during reduced operations, if you have questions about processing or interpreting your data, or describing our systems for a paper, dossier or thesis, please email us. We can also arrange a phone call or a Zoom session to help with data processing.