Greg Haugstad

Please direct your email to Greg according to context:

  • — Technical / strategic directorship:  Initiatives on capabilities (equipment, staffing), user strategies, budget, events, education. Also communication pertinent to CharFac-affiliated centers (MRSEC, NNCI, IPRIME, etc.), UMN committees and general technical topics (multi-technique).
  • — Specific services, scanning probe microscopy (SPM/AFM)
  • — Specific services, ion beam analysis (IBA/RBS/PIXE/etc)
  • — Professional roles: Principal/co-investigator, research grant proposals (non-instrument), panel service, course instructor/speaker, session chair/organizer, peer review

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Greg Haugstad photo

Greg Haugstad

Principal Researcher (SPM/AFM and Ion beam analysis methods), Technical/Strategic Director


Shepherd Labs
Room 201
100 Union St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455