Seema Thakral

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Seema Thakral

Communications Director, Scientist


Shepherd Labs
Room 14
100 Union St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455


  • Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Masters in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics), Bachelor in Pharmacy, Delhi University, India

Selected Publications

  1. Thakral S*, Kim K, 2020. Small-angle scattering for characterization of pharmaceutical materials. Trends in Analytical Chemistry. Accepted for publication.
  2. Bermel EA, Thakral S, Claeson AA, Ellingson AM, Barocas VH, 2020. Asymmetric in-plane shear behavior of isolated cadaveric lumbar facet capsular ligaments: Implications for subject specific biomechanical models. Journal of Biomechanics. 2020, 105, 109814.
  3. Thakral S, Sonje J, Suryanarayanan R, 2020. Anomalous behavior of mannitol hemihydrate: Implications on sucrose crystallization in colyophilized systems. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 587, 119629.
  4. Sonje J, Thakral S, Suryanarayanan R, 2020. t-Butanol enables dual functionality of mannitol: a cryoprotectant in frozen systems and bulking agent in freeze-dried formulations. Molecular Pharmaceutics 17 (8), 3075-3086.
  5. Kaur N, Duggirala NK, Thakral S, Suryanarayanan R, 2020. Role of lattice disorder in water-mediated dissociation of pharmaceutical cocrystal systems. Molecular Pharmaceutics 16 (7), 3167-3177.
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  8. Thakral NK, Zanon RL, Kelly RC, Thakral S*. 2018. Applications of powder X-ray diffraction in small molecule pharmaceuticals: achievements and aspirations. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, available online. Selected as Feature article for virtual issue and regarded as “particularly original and significant”.
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