4th-year Graduate Research Seminar Series

The Department of Chemistry's annual third-year Graduate Student Research Symposium was canceled in spring 2020 due to Covid-19. However, those presenting are now participating in the 4th-year Graduate Research Seminar Series to be conducted virtually via Zoom, starting Tuesday, Sept. 29, and mostly running on designated Tuesdays and Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. through Thursday, Nov. 19. Check the schedule for specific times and dates.

The presenters are Chase Abelson, Taysir Bader, Daniel Blechschmidt, Casey Carpenter, Yukun Cheng, Brianna Collins, Rebecca Combs, Maetzin Cruz Reyes, Rishad Dalal, Claire Dingwell, Michael Dorantes, Thorn Dramstad, Baoyue Fan, Ethan Gormong, Brendan Graziano, Christian Hettich, Michael Hodny, Ryan Hunt, Mengyuan Jin, Lun Jin, Andrey Joaqui, Katherine Jones, Prakriti Kalra, Siriluk Kanchanakungwankul, Minog Kim, Jiaqian Li, Stephanie Liffland, Nathan Love, Bach Nguyen, Andrew Northwick, Noelle Olson, Steven Prinslow, Celeste Rousseau, Claire Seitzinger, Adel Soroush, Yangzesheng (Andrew) Sun, Blair Troudt, Nicholas Van Zee, Christopher Warkentin, Randall Wilharm, Xiaoxiao Yao, and Huda Zahid.

Information for presenters