Brianna Collins featured in ‘Inventing Tomorrow’

MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (04/13/2022)—Brianna Collins, a 5th-year graduate student working with Professor Jason Goodpaster, was featured in the Fall 2021 edition of the College of Science and Engineering’s Inventing Tomorrow magazine.

The article, "A Little Research Goes a Long Way," highlights how Collins works to solve atomic level mysteries using quantum mechanical modeling.

“There’s a lot of unexplored chemical space that exists that we cannot explore using traditional experimental methods,” Collins says. “We’ve had situations where an experimental group didn’t fully know how to explain some of their results, so they asked us, ‘Hey, can you play detective and try to model this to see if you can figure out why this certain phenomenon is happening?’”

Collins’ research interests include a fundamental understanding of catalysis, especially as applied to electrochemical systems. This technology could eventually be used to provide greener chemical production.

In addition to her research, Collins has been heavily involved in diversity efforts as part of the chemistry department’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Read the full story on the College of Science & Engineering website.