Chemistry contributes to special issue on chemical safety education

The Department of Chemistry has a strong presence in the January Journal of Chemical Education's special issue, Chemical Safety Education: Methods, Culture, and Green Chemistry.

Professor Jane Wissinger served as guest associate editor and described synergy between green chemistry and safety goals in the introductory article. She was also the cover artist.

Yangming Kou, Xiayu Peng, Claire Dingwell, Spencer Reisbick, Ian Tonks and Anna Sitek’s paper describes how Learning Experience Reports Improve Academic Research Safety."

In The Joint Safety Team at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: A Model for Student-Led Safety article by Adeline Espinasse, Ashish Jayaraman, Spencer Reisbick, Celine Harris, Yangming Kou, Hongyu Xu, Constance Anderson, Taysir Bader, and Anna Sitek, the organization and ever-evolving program is presented as a model for adaption by other institutions.

Alumnus Jeffrey Ting, Ph.D., (now at University of Chicago) wrote an article about the impacts of "Safety Moments in Chemical Safety Education," highlighting the Joint Safety Team's as the origins in the department's partnership with DOW.