Five graduate students honored in NSF graduate fellowship competition

Five Chemistry graduate students were recognized in the 2021 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) this year.  Clara Kirkvold is a recipient of the GRFP award, which provides stipend and tuition support for three years of graduate studies. Clara is a graduate student in Prof. Jason Goodpaster’s research group.  Graduate students Collin Clay, Joseph Brennan, Kathryn Rynders, Emily Robinson, and Marianne Meyersohn were also recognized with Honorable Mention in the competition.  Congratulations to all five!

Collin Clay and Joseph Brennan

Joseph Brennan and Collin Clay

Emily Robinson, Marianne Meyersohn, and Kathryn Rynders

Kathryn Rynders, Emily Robinson, and Marianne Meyersohn