Kajari Bera

Kajari Bera is originally from Pune, India, and is a fifth-year graduate student advised by Professor Renee Frontiera. Her research encompasses applications and advances in using an ultrafast Raman spectroscopy technique to examine solid-state materials. Kajari is focused on determining how different molecular vibrational motions, or the collective motion of the atoms within a molecule, can be used to create more efficient solar cells out of organic molecules.

Kajari has long held an interest in science, particularly enjoying that science is needed to answer why questions about natural phenomenon. She hopes to apply the knowledge and experiences that she has gained as a graduate student to improve the scientific culture and community around the world. She would like to work in an academic setting and develop policies and actions to increase awareness about the career opportunities in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields to attract and retain young scientists.

An award-winning student, Kajari has received a Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship for 2019-20. Other honors include a Paul and Gerda Gassman Award at the 2018 Graduate Student Research Symposium, Overend Award in Physical Chemistry, Robert L. Ferm Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award, Dr. Venkateswarlu Pothapragada and Family Graduate Fellowship, Outstanding 4.0 GPA, and Coblentz Student Award.