Our program

Prakriti Kalra working in lab holding up container
Graduate student Prakriti Kalra working in Professor William Pomerantz' lab.

Our graduate students are central to our educational and research missions and are our most valuable assets. We have much to offer:

  • excellent faculty members who are leading researchers in their fields;
  • sophisticated state-of-the-art research equipment and facilities;
  • collaborative and interdisciplinary research opportunities; and 
  • unique environment of empowerment where you can contribute to and lead your own learning.

Our goal is to help you develop as chemists, teachers, scholars and leaders by providing a supportive and stimulating academic environment with world-class resources and outstanding training and leadership opportunities.

Prospective Graduate Students

Application information
(612) 624-8008
Fax: 1-612-624-5724

Stephanie Stathopoulos
Assistant to the Director of Graduate Studies
135 Smith Hall
(612) 624-8008

Current Students

Nancy Thao
Assistant to the Director of Graduate Studies
115 Smith Hall
(612) 624-0313

Director of Graduate Studies in Chemistry
Professor Aaron Massari
245 Smith Hall
612) 626-8416 

Director of Graduate Studies in Chemical Physics
Professor Renee Frontiera
233 Smith Hall
(612) 624-2501